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Dry Scalp oil

True Urembo

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Dry Scalp oil

This blend is a nutrient blast for your scalp! This oil blend promotes growth in problem areas and aids in alleviating various scalp conditions. Dermatitis, stressed edges, scalp psoriasis, and excessive dandruff.


Avocado oil: By penetrating the hair follicle instead of sitting on top this oil replenishes and coats hair as well as strengthens to prevent future breakage


Almond oil: This natural oil increases blood flow to the area and introduces powerful antioxidants to the skin 


Rosemary essential oil: Known for it aromatic fragrance rosemary was added for moisturizing and to promote  blood flow  


Tea tree essential oil: This essential oil removes build-up of dead skin cells, oil and other products, while treating and protecting the scalp from infections 


Geranium essential oil: Geranium oil is used to promote hair growth by nourishing the scalp and balancing the body’s production of natural oils